C.Rocio Ramos


Release Date: June 2017

Mugen Version: 1.0 & Up

PATCH: fixes and Beavis stuff




She is based in my best friend Rocio Ramos.

Her debut in games was like a CAW in Deadly Arts for Nintendo64,later she came to wrestling games like ECW's games and Smackdown series,Smackdown vs Raw saga-and of course the WWE2k) her entrance songs are played when she wins in Mugen.
She is a very tasty character -literally except if you are vegetarian,doing one of the finisher moves you will understand-

-Falling Down
-Shake It Up -all of them performed by Selena Gomez
-Sharp As a Razor performed by Mc Clain Sisters-not included in the mugen character-
-Edge of the Mirror performed by Emme Rose
-Did you Miss Me? performed by The Veronicas
-Imsomniatic performed by Aly & AJ


All portraits made by me.

More info inside readme.



Watch the screenshots in Deadly Arts (GASP in Europe)  and WWE Games.

And now, Mugen Screenshots, enjoy it!